Enable this model configuration to analyze speaker's tone (acoustic)

Tone Analysis suggests speaker emotion using only audio clues. Sometimes the speaker may show emotions in the tone of the response and this is important to capture to get the overall sentiment/mood of the conversation which cannot be extracted from conventional Lexical Emotion analysis.

Marsview's propritary Tone Analysis AI can detect the intonations in the tone to the statement level.

Types of Tone

Marsview is capable of detecting the following tones in an audio file:

negative positive neutral slightly-negative

Example Response

  "status": true,
  "error": {},
  "data": {
      "label": "neutral",
      "score": 0.9999999

status field will be set to false if something went wrong while processing the request check for any error messages in the error field

Response Object

Response Object



The tone predicted by the model


Confidence of the predicted tone

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