Speech Type

Enable this model configuration to distinguish between speech type and capture actionable notes during your conversation

Conversation Type (Speech Type) model helps you understand the type of conversation at any given time. Every phone call, online or offline conversation can be broadly classified into four categories - Statement, Command, Action Item, or a Question.

Speech Types



a definite or clear expression of something in chat


an authoritative or peremptory order

Action Item

a chat worded or expressed regarding an event, task, activity, or action that needs to take place


a chat worded or expressed so as to elicit information

Example Response

  "status": true,
  "error": {},
  "data": {
    "value": "statement",
    "confidence": 0.9986110925674438

status field will be set to false if something went wrong while processing the request check for any error messages in the error field

Response Object



Type of speech predicted by the model


Value indicating the models confidence in the predicted speech type.

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